About us

Sri Lanka is a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean southeast of the Indian sub-continent. Sri Lanka's coastline is about 1,770km long and contains several bays and shallow inlets. Our coastal waters create ideal conditions for marine aquaculture species. Sea cucumber industry in Sri Lanka is quite old, having been introduced by the Chinese. Suganth International (Pvt) Ltd is the leader in the preparation of dry sea food products in Sri Lanka. We specialize in Sea Cucumber, shark fins, Fish Maw and Conch Shells or "the Chanks". We readily meet the needs of our customers in what ever the quantities they need.

About us

Our company was established in 1976 under the name "Suganth Enterprises We specialized dried "Sea Cucumber" and exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore. We also export Conch shell / Chanks to India.

Mr.S.Aravinthan is the present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) cum the Managing Director. He expanded the export capabilities of the company by introducing new products.

We export our new range of products to the far Eastern Countries like Korea, China, Malaysia and some of the Middle East countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE)etc. We are the LEADERS in the export of Sea cucumber in Sri Lanka. We have the largest operational network with over 500 divers around Sri Lanka. Our expert divers harvest the best quality of nontraditional marine aquatic species in the most scientific manner to cater to the sophisticated international markets. We ensure to avoid the exploitation undersized specimen to avoid the population depletion.

Managing Director

It gives me great pleasure to pen a few lines on the occasion of our achieving the recognition at National level by being awarded the NCE Export award 2009. This is the fifth time we have received this award since the inception of our company.

Now that the conflict that plagued the country for the last three decades has come to an end, we are at a significant juncture to develop the industry. I take this opportunity to thank all those who are behind me in achieving this recognition. This recognition has given me fresh and new vigour to target greater heights in the future.

I also take this opportunity to thank my mother Mrs. V. Suganthaseelan who is a tower of strength to me in all my endeavors. Finally I thank Lord JESUS for all achievements.

Managing Director

My father, late Suganthaseelan Murugesu on leaving a plush job as a lecturer in an acclaimed seat of learning in Jaffna ventured onto unchartered territory when he started Suganth Enterprises as a sole proprietorship in 1976 to export sea cucumber to Singapore and Taiwan and conch shells to India & Bangladesh that were found from the Sea around Jaffna peninsula. He was ably assisted in his endeavor by my mother V Suganthaseelan, a teacher.
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